Category: Assessment

Stress in mothers with intellectual disabilities

Author: Feldman, M.A.;Leger, M.;Watson-Allen, N.
Year: 1997

Home-based programmes for parents with intellectual disabilities: Lessons from practice

Author: Llewellyn, G.;McConnell, D.;Russo, D.;Mayes, R.;Honey, A.
Year: 2002

Parenting by persons with intellectual disability: An explorative study in the Netherlands

Author: Willems, D.L.; de Vries, J.-N.; Isarin, J.; Reinders, J.S.
Year: 2007

Teaching parents with mental retardation: Knowledge versus skills

Author: Bakken, J.;Miltenberger, R. G.;Schauss, S.
Year: 1993

Marriage and mental handicap

Author: Mattinson, J.
Year: 1973
Publisher: Brunner/ Mazel

The nature and qualities of parenting provided by women raised in institutions

Author: Dowdney, L.;Skuse, D.;Rutter, M.;Quinton, D.;Mrazek, D.
Year: 1985

Parents with intellectual disabilities: Implications and interventions

Author: Feldman, M.A.
Year: 1997
Publisher: Plenum Press

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