Category: Assessment

Risk, resilience and competence: Parents with learning difficulties and their children

Author: Booth, T., & Booth, W
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Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Prenatal education for mothers with disabilities

Author: Blackford, K.A.;Richardson, H.;Grieve, S.
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Author: Coren, E., Hutchfield, J., Thomae, M., & Gustafsson, C.
Year: 2010

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Health of mothers with intellectual limitations

Author: Llewellyn, G.;McConnell, D.;Mayes, R.
Year: 2003

Parents with brain impairment: Care and protection matters

Author: Condie, L. O., & Condie, D
Year: 2008
Publisher: CRC Press

Emergency training with mothers who are mentally retarded

Author: Tymchuk, A.;Hamada, D.;Andron, L.;Anderson, S.
Year: 1990

Mothers with learning difficulties and their support networks

Author: Llewellyn, G.;McConnell, D.
Year: 2002

Disability and decision-making in Australian care proceedings

Author: McConnell, D.;Llewellyn, G.;Ferronato, L.
Year: 2002

Parents with learning disabilities: Service audit and development

Author: Woodhouse, A.;Green, G.;Davies, S.
Year: 2001

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