Help or hindrance? Practitioners working with parents with learning difficulties

Author: Booth, W.;Booth, T.
Year: 1993
Journal/Book Title: Disability, Pregnancy & Childhood International
Volume: October, 1993
Pages: 39269
Abstract: [NB: This is an extract of the opening section of this report, reported in lieu of an abstract] In 1991 Lancashire County Council was censured by the Local Government Ombudsman for failing to provide the level of support and counseling needed by a mother with learning difficulties. The Ombudsman recommended that the council "need to ensure that their social workers have a clear view of what their aims are at any one time when working with such clients". ... The study (undertaken by the researcher of which this report is a basic summary) was designed to provide a "clearer view" of the practitioners task based on the experiences of mothers and fathers themselves. Using parents' comments and child outcomes, we have identified the key feature of good and bad practice among our study families.

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