Category: Support and service needs

Mentally retarded mothers

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Year: 1984
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Being a parent with a disability

Author: Akram, A., & Hollins, S
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Serving young children whose parents are mentally retarded

Author: Lynch, E.W.;Bakley, S.
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Supporting parents with mental retardation

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Service needs of developmentally disabled parents

Author: Johnson, P.L.;Clark, S.R.
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Teaching child-care skills to mothers with developmental disabilities

Author: Feldman, M.A.;Case, L.;Garrick, M.;MacIntyre-Grande, W.;Carnwell, J.;Sparks, B.
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Planned parenthood and mental deficiency

Author: Hathaway, S.R.
Year: 1947

‘Parenting with support’: Supporting parents with learning difficulties to parent

Author: Tarleton, B.
Year: 2009
Publisher: Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group

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