Category: Child protection

The intelligence of 100 neglectful mothers

Author: Sheridan, M.D.
Year: 1956

Child maltreatment and mentally retarded parents: Is there a relationship?

Author: Schilling, R.F.;Schinke, S.P.;Blythe, B.J.;Barth, R. P.
Year: 1982

The inclusion of disability as a condition for termination of parental rights.

Author: Lightfoot, E., Hill, K., & LaLiberte, T.
Year: 2010

The inclusion of parental disability in state termination of parental rights statutes: A state of the states.

Author: Lightfoot, E. & DeZelar, S.
Year: 2015
Publisher: Center for the Advanced Studies of Child Welfare

Disorganized attachment in infancy: a review of the phenomenon and its implications for clinicians and policy-makers.

Author: Granqvist, P., Sroufe, L. A., Dozier, M., Hesse, E., Steele, M., van Ijzendoorn, M., Solomon, J., Schuengel, C., Fearon, P., Bakermans-Kranenburg, M.,
Year: 2017

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