Category: Advocacy

Talking with parents with intellectual disability

Author: Llewellyn, G.
Year: 1993
Publisher: Australian Early Intervention Association (NSW Chapter)Inc.

Intellectual disability and parenthood

Author: Kandel, I., Morad, M., Vardi, G., Merrick, J
Year: 2005

Look at me, listen to me, I have something important to say

Author: Strike, R.;McConnell, D.
Year: 2002

Parenthood and the mentally retarded

Author: Green, B.;Paul, R.
Year: 1974

The retarded parent and child neglect laws

Author: Haavik, S.F.;Menninger, K.A.
Year: 1981
Publisher: Paul H Brookes

Disabled women and reproductive rights

Author: Kallianes, V.;Rubenfeld, P.
Year: 1997

Parents labelled with intellectual disability: Position of the IASSID SIRG on parents and parenting with intellectual disabilities

Author: IASSID Special Interest Research Group on Parents and Parenting with Intellectual Disabilities
Year: 2008

A case study: Service delivery and parents with disabilities

Author: Pomerantz, P.;Pomerantz, D.J.;Colca, L.A.
Year: 1990

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