Parents with learning disabilities: solicitors critical of assumptions and prejudice in the system.

Author: Anderson, S.
Year: 2015
Reference Type: Journal article
Journal/Book Title: Research and Practice in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Volume: 43
Issue: 1
Pages: 66-74
Abstract: Pink wafers and “good enough” parenting. What are the experiences of people with intellectual disabilities when going through care proceedings in the United Kingdom? This exploratory study by Cox, Stenfert Kroese, and Evans (2015) examined the experiences of solicitors who have acted for people with intellectual disabilities. From their perspective, it offers some concerning insights into the disadvantages that parents with intellectual disabilities face in their interactions with systems and agencies, and the often negative preconceptions of the welfare professionals with whom they deal and by whom their ability to be “good enough” parents is judged. The solicitors in the study were highly critical of the ways in which some social workers were practising within the context of care proceedings and of a legal system that lacked flexibility and resources to meet their needs. doi:10.1080/23297018.2015.1073571
Located in: Child protection

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