Comparison groups in research in families with mentally retarded members: A methodological and conceptual review

Author: Stoneman, Z.
Year: 1989
Reference Type: Journal Article
Journal/Book Title: American Journal on Mental Retardation
Volume: 94
Issue: 3
Pages: 195-215
Abstract: A review and critique of comparison groups in mental retardation family research was provided. Issues addressed include matching on age versus competency of the mentally retarded family member, description of comparison groups in published research, demographic equivalence of groups, matching strategies, populations from which samples were drawn, appropriateness of tasks/instruments across groups, and the role of theory in comparison group selection. Unique concerns relating to sibling research and studied of mentally retarded parents were discussed. Caution was expressed concerning the translation of comparison research findings into intervention targets for families with mentally retarded members. Alternatives to comparison group designs were presented as well as recommendations for selecting and describing comparison samples.
Located in: Assessment

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