Teaching parents with mental retardation: Knowledge versus skills

Author: Bakken, J.;Miltenberger, R. G.;Schauss, S.
Year: 1993
Reference Type: Journal Article
Journal/Book Title: American Journal on Mental Retardation
Volume: 97
Issue: 4
Pages: 405-417
Abstract: An educational program for parents (N=5) with mild mental retardation was evaluated to assess whether knowledge gains resulted in corresponding skill acquisition. Generalization of parenting skills to the home environment following behavioural skills training procedures was also examined. Parenting knowledge was assessed as subjects responded to descriptions of parenting situations. Parenting skills were assessed in home observations. Following baseline, a knowledge training procedure was implemented in a small group format. A behavioural skills training procedure was then implemented in a small group training format. Finally, individual behavioural skills training was provided in the home setting. Although knowledge training produced sizable increases in the knowledge measure, neither it nor the behavioural group training produced increases in parenting skills. However, following training in the home, each of the parenting skills increased substantially. The results were discussed with regard to the problem of generalization, and future research was proposed.

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