Home-based programmes for parents with intellectual disabilities: Lessons from practice

Author: Llewellyn, G.;McConnell, D.;Russo, D.;Mayes, R.;Honey, A.
Year: 2002
Reference Type: Journal Article
Journal/Book Title: Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities
Volume: 15
Pages: 341 - 353
Abstract: Background: Increasing emphasis is being given to carrying out parent education programmes at home with widely reported benefits. The purpose of this paper is to draw lessons for practitioners from implementing a randomised trial of a home-based parent education programme for parents with intellectual disabilities that addressed child health and safety issues. Methods: A thematic analysis of case notes and parent feedback from the 45 parent participants in this programme was conducted prior to two team sessions to discuss the findings. Results: Programme-specific issues included format, content and presentation style. Themes relevant to home-based programmes for parents with intellectual disabilities more generally included the suitability of the home as a learning environment; identifying parent priorities; parent readiness to learn; and parent control (or lack of) over the home environment. In addition, practice points for parent educators were identified. Conclusions: The home environment benefits both teaching and learning, however, as this paper highlights, careful consideration needs to be given to each parent-learner's home situation. We recommend that in future the processes involved in home-based programmes be reported alongside programme outcomes.

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