Children of parents with intellectual disability: Facing poor outcomes or faring ok?

Author: Collings, S., & Llewellyn, G.
Year: 2012
Reference Type: Journal Article
Journal/Book Title: Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability
Volume: 37
Issue: 1
Pages: 65-82
Abstract: Children of parents with intellectual disability are assumed to be at risk of poor outcomes but a comprehensive review of the literature has not previously been undertaken. Two groups of studies were identified. The first investigated an association between parental intellectual disability and child outcomes where there was significant disadvantage. Some findings suggest low parental intellectual capacity can negatively impact child outcomes, but others indicate child development approaches population norms. A second, small group of studies explored narrative accounts of childhood to find that social exclusion, bullying, and stigma are commonplace. Removal from parental care emerged as a significant risk for this group of children.

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