Parenting competence in parents with intellectual disability: Principles of parenting competence

Author: Vietze, P.M.;Coates, D.L.
Year: 2000
Reference Type: Journal Article
Journal/Book Title: Journal of Intellectual Disability Research
Volume: 44
Pages: 505-505
Abstract: In considering the parenting competence of parents with intellectual disability, there must first be consensus on parenting competence in general. In order to establish principles of parenting competence, a review of the child development literature was conducted. Standard criteria were used to select studies which informed the objective of establishing principles of parenting competence. The criteria were focused on parenting practices which were associated with specific child outcomes. Several hundred articles were reviewed and the results analysed. Based on this review, it was possible to arrive at a definition of ‘good’ parenting. This definition consists of seven principles which range from provision of safety to provision of discipline. The implications for research with and application to parents with intellectual disability are discussed.

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