Introduction to the special issue: Parents with disabilities

Author: Block, P.
Year: 2002
Reference Type: Journal Article
Journal/Book Title: Sexuality and Disability
Volume: 20
Issue: 1
Pages: 3-May
Abstract: In March of 2000 I had the pleasure of participating in a conference at San Francisco State University entitled: Disability, Sexuality and Culture: Societal and Experiential Perspectives on Multiple Identities. I presented a paper entitled “Sexuality, Fertility and Danger: Twentieth Century Images of Women with Cognitive Disabilities.” A later version of this paper was published in Sexuality and Disability volume 18, number 4(1). During the course of this conference, I received many thoughtful comments from participants, but one in particular stayed with me. It was from a woman employed by Through the Looking Glass, an organization that supports parents with disabilities. She felt that my presentation on the experiences of women with cognitive disabilities in the United States, though accurate, was incomplete. In addition to describing the admittedly significant barriers to sexuality and fertility experienced by women with cognitive disabilities, she wanted people to know that it is possible to meet and overcome these barriers, and that many women have. This was an important lesson for me. Along with the recognition of a difficult history, there should also be space for recognizing and celebrating the achievements of people with disabilities who did not listen to conventional wisdom denying their rights to sexuality and parenting.
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