Marriage and mental handicap: Some observations in northern Ireland

Author: Scally, B.G.
Year: 1973
Reference Type: Book Section
Editor: de la Cruz, F. F.;La Veck, G. D.
Journal/Book Title: Human Sexuality and the Mentally Retarded
City: New York
Publisher: Brunner/ Mazel
Pages: 186-194
Abstract: In my survey I attempted to look at the records of all mentally retarded persons who were married, whether or not they had offspring, or who, although single, had given birth to live children or had miscarriages or stillbirths. 343 (32 males and 310 females) met the criteria. Scally suggests that over half the mentally retarded males and 90% of the mentally retarded females were rated as making less than adequate contributions to the running of the home and to the welfare of the children. No criteria are presented on which these judgments are based.
Located in: Child protection

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