Assessing the health status of parents with intellectual disabilities

Author: Mayes, R.;McConnell, D.;Llewellyn, G.;Russo, D.;Honey, A.
Year: 2000
Reference Type: Journal Article
Journal/Book Title: Journal of Intellectual Disability Research
Volume: 44
Pages: 383-383
Abstract: Parental health affects parenting practices, and has been implicated in childhood illnesses and accidents. However, to date, the health status of parents with intellectual disabilities has received little attention. The present paper reports the findings of a study which utilized the SF-.. Health Survey to assess the health status of .. parents with intellectual disabilities. The SF-.. was administered in accordance with the standardized method wherever possible. When parents had difficulty understanding a question, it was reworded or explained using a protocol devised by the research team. An acceptable level of reliability was achieved on all sub-scales with coefficients ranging from .... to ..... The results were compared to the Australian norms for the SF-... Controlling for socioeconomic status, parents with intellectual disabilities were found to have significantly poorer health on seven out of the eight sub-scales at an alpha level of ..... The implications of the study findings are discussed and recommendations are made concerning future use of the SF-.. with this population.
Located in: Health | Assessment

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