A process evaluation of a parenting group for parents with intellectual disabilities

Author: Heinz, L.C.;Grant, P.R.
Year: 2003
Reference Type: Journal Article
Journal/Book Title: Evaluation and Program Planning
Volume: 26
Issue: 3
Pages: 263-274
Abstract: Parents who have intellectual disabilities are a unique population of adults who require specialized parenting programs. The purpose of the present research was to conduct a process evaluation of one such program. This group program is unique in that it is participant driven, and is focused on group learning. Prior to the evaluation, a brief evaluability 68 showed that the major service components of the program were providing a supportive and comfortable environment, teaching parenting skills, and crisis management. The evaluation was conducted using a qualitative, participant observation methodology and took place over a six-month period. The data were collected from facilitator debriefing forms, the evaluator's detailed observations over an eleven-week period, and a small group interview with some of the parents. The results showed that the program components had been successfully implemented and that the participants found the services offered to be of great value. (C) 2003 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.

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