The intellectual and social status of children of mental defectives. Part 1

Author: Brandon, M.W.G.
Year: 1957
Reference Type: Journal Article
Journal/Book Title: Journal of Mental Science
Volume: 103
Pages: 710-724
Abstract: The purpose of this survey was to assess the intellectual and social status of 150 children of 73 certified mental defectives. It is proposed to discuss the mothers in this paper and the children in a further one. The mothers in the group were all at one time patients at the Fountain Hospital. Much of the initial work was done by Mrs. L. Mundy, Senior Psychologist, who had already tested many of the mothers, and Miss Kerry, the social worker, who had maintained contact with many of the discharged mothers and their children. One of the main factors which have made the research easier has been the general good feeling towards the Fountain felt by our ex-patients. They want the Fountain in general and the Physician Superintendent in particular to know how they are and what they are doing. Dr. Hilliard's "somewhat unorthodox procedure with difficult cases" (1956) and his views on feeblemindedness have now become fairly generally accepted. His view that many of these women can work successfully in the community has been substantiated already. it is hoped that this survey will help to avoid the inhuman and expensive administration process whereby an allegedly feebleminded mother is permanently separated from her child.
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