Mapping the intensity of "family support" service use by parents with an intellectual disability

Author: Clare, B.;Murphy, P.;Peerless, H.
Year: 1995
Reference Type: Conference Proceedings
Journal/Book Title: The Australian Society for the Study of Intellectual Disability National Conference
City: Melbourne
Abstract: The research discussed in this paper investigated whether 'critical life events' were accompanied by increases in the services provided by parents with intellectual disability by Mofflyn in Perth, WA. This study used a modified version of the mapping techniques devised by Jackson et al. (1995) to represent information visually about the variations in service use. It then attempted to determine whether variations in service intensity related to what might be regarded as critical events in the lives of the parents with intellectual disability which were regarded in their case notes. It was intended that the analytic technique would illustrate how this client group used the agency's services, amp the intensity of those services and then determine if there was any relationship between the level of service intensity and the critical life events. It was hoped to identify patterns and relationships which would provide information to guide agency's practice in work with families in which one or both parents have an intellectual disability and the management of risk to children in such families.

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