Through the looking glass

Author: Kirshbaum, M.
Year: 1993
Reference Type: Magazine Article
Journal/Book Title: The Disability Rag Resource
Pages: 15-19
Abstract: Through the Looking Glass, a non profit organisation in Berkeley, California, provides extensive services to parents with disabilities. The organisation was features prominently in 'A Mothers Touch' by Jay Matthews, the story of Tiffany Callo Brazil and her attempts to keep her two children. This case has been linked to the situation of the Earls of Michigan. The involvement of Through the Looking Glass in the Callo case helped spawn a host of media appearances. The organisation has been featured on the CBS Evening News and Prime Time Live and in articles in The Washington Post, the New York Times Syndicate, the San Jose Mercury News, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Parenting Magazine. Through the Looking Glass is viewed nationally as a program with expertise and positive resources for parents with disabilities. It may serve as a model for other locales in the country. Megan Krishbaum, director of Through the Looking Glass provides us with a history of the organisation and a description of its work.

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